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GardenMaestro Multi-Device App

by | Jul 20, 2018 | 0 comments

This project is a multi-device system designed to be used by administrators and field workers in a landscape maintenance setting. The large screen app is designed for in-office use by management while the tablet app is tailored for jobsite use by crew leaders and supervisors. The information is organized by  maintenance accounts (clients) and by the job (the specific work scheduled to be done on an account).


Management personnel schedule the jobs and assign them to a crew leader, adding photos, maps, and instructions for doing the work in the large screen app.
Crew leaders clock the crew in and out of each job (they are paid on a piece rate, by the job), review instructions, use maps to locate and report problems, use the tablets camera to take start and end photos, and much more.


Say a sprinkler geyser was shooting water near the front door of Acme, Inc. They call the landscape company and ask for immediate service to fix it. The landscape manager can then use the GPS function to locate crews in relation to Acme’s office and dispatch the crew that is closest to deal with the broken sprinkler head quickly. If a maintenance worker spots a dead shrub in the client’s landscape, he can quickly take a photo, drop a pin to share the exact location, indicate the level of urgency, and post an alert. A manager in the office then receives an alert notification and takes appropriate action to resolve the issue. Click on the links below to try out the prototypes.

Desktop App Screens

Click on image to zoom

Tablet App Screens

Project Process Book


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