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Blood Drive Poster Series

by | Nov 18, 2017 | 0 comments

For the PSA poster project, our assignment was to create a set of posters that could be used as a campaign for a cause we believe in. At the start of the assignment, the country was experiencing a blood supply shortage due to a recent disaster. It was also near Halloween. So blood drives, blood donation, and other bloody thoughts were on my mind.


The concept of a nurse who is a vampire was one of those crazy ideas that come up when all the more reasonable ideas in your head have been exhausted. I thought it was funny, but it was fitting too. I got a bigger response from it than I expected. Pushing the boundaries of what people are comfortable with gets their attention. The play on blood donation center workers keeps the viewer thinking for just a moment longer, and they smile at the thought. And maybe chuckle, or point it out to a companion. Maybe it will stick in their minds long enough for them to decide to donate blood.


The slogans with the crossed out words are meant to suggest that the vampire/nurse is trying to do the right thing, but struggles to suppress his natural urges, just like most people. He realizes too late that he has slipped in his wording and does his best to fix it. He’s a happy vampire so as to not actually scare away any potential victims, I mean . . . donors.

How the posters might look in the wild . . .


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