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Hello! Let me introduce myself . . .

I’m a Senior Web Design student at Brigham Young University-Idaho, who lives in Ogden, Utah. After completion of an internship, I will graduate with a BS degree in Web Design and Development with an emphasis in design. I have earned a Web Media Certificate, as well.


A Little Outside the Mold

After my kids grew up, it was time to finish my education. Going back to school after many years has made me a much better student. Rather than focusing on grades and checking boxes, I put in a lot of effort to truly learn because I have the perspective to know how valuable every new idea and concept would be in the future. Extra life experience has been a real asset to learning and will be to my upcoming career, too. I’m probably not what most people picture when they think of a web designer. My uniqueness can be your best asset.

What I Do Best

My best projects are shown on the “Portfolio” page where you can click the button to see more details about each one. These are the ones I enjoyed most and learned the most significant things from. Four of the featured projects are mainly about Interaction Design or UX/UI.  I found I really enjoy user experience design, figuring out how to convey a message accurately through text, image, and presentation, and creating visuals like logos and graphics. I’m an artist at heart, with a business focus. I want my work to help people find what they’re looking for and to solve problems.

Who I Am at Home

My favorite way to spend my time is with my family. I have a husband, 5 grown children, and 6 young grandchildren. They are what make life worth living!

Music is very important to me, also. I love to sing in choirs and currently lead my church choir. I also play the piano for the children’s group at church. My creativity comes out through sewing and crafts. I used to alter bridal gowns and still do it occasionally for friends. I like to make things for my grandchildren as gifts and sometimes things to decorate my house.

Let's Get Together

Now that we are acquainted, I would love to talk with you about how we could work together. Right now, my first priority is an internship. Soon, I’ll be in the market for a regular job. I’m also available for freelance projects. Please visit my contact page to send me an email.