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That’s me, Kristine Hill. I design websites, graphics, and great user experiences. Plus, some other cool stuff.

Here's some of my work . . .

Website Re-Design

User experience was the focus of this re-design of a real website for Adams County, Iowa. Making everything a commercial or private resident might need easy to find and creating a pleasant experience required lots of user testing, original icon designs, logo design, and user friendly layout techniques.

SmartHost App Design

The SmartHost Party Budget app design project is all about creating a calculator app that is simple to learn, fun to use, and makes the user’s life easier at the same time. Fun colors give it a party feel while file folder-style tabs make switching categories intuitive.

Multi-Device Design

Being able to use the same app on different devices, with different functions available to different people is what my GardenMaestro multi-device landscape app design is all about. Office and management people use administrative functions while on-site workers receive instructions and record progress on the same app.

PSA Poster Project

A series of three public service posters featuring a humorous vampire (who may or may not bear a slight resemblance to Matthew McConaughey) who struggles to control his appetite for blood. In this project, I learned ways to present information that can be absorbed in a few seconds and is easily understood, while being memorable, as well.

Visual Info Design

Complex information is so much easier to digest when it is presented in graphic format! The Energy Drink IQ project is an info-dense web layout, all about the pros and cons of energy drinks, emphasizes graphic information design through tables, charts, bold images, and minimal text.

Me on a Magazine Cover!

Does your grandma do web design? No? Well, this grandma does! Designing a copycat of Success Magazine’s famous cover was part design exercise and part personal development. Playing to my strengths such as life experience and wide ranging skills makes me a better designer, a better leader, and a more insightful design professional.

Brochure Design

The idea for this project was to create a business brochure with a cutout shape. My concept for The Sweet Spot, a fictional candy shop, was to simulate the store front by making the front panel resemble an old-timey awning over-looking the candy story window full of tempting chocolates and sweets. There’s some other fun design elements on the inside and back!

Here are links to more of my work . . .